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Indien u op zoek bent naar een nieuw of gebruikt wapen in topconditie, wapenkasten en accesoires dan bent u bij ons aan het juiste adres.

Door de jaren heen staan wij bekend als een gerenommeerd wapen herstel bedrijf, wij maken uw wapen terug als nieuw!


The teachers are nice yet strict. The lunch breaks are the best where we get to sit and play with our friends. My school is not far from my home. I love to walk to my school. School is a temple of learning and training ground for the future. My school name my school essay in english Saint Mary school.

It was set up in by a landlord in our area. The atmosphere in which our school is situated is very pleasant. It is surrounded by a playground on one side and a grinder with a small pond on the other side. The school has two rows of buildings. There are ten classrooms in the front building. The total number of students in our school is about five thousand.

My school essay in simple english

The school functions from to The classes begin after a mass prayer. During the recess hour, we go to the playground. The library of our school is a big one. There are about two thousand books of different subjects. We essay on my school in english a library period in our weekly routine. The District science exhibition is also held in our school. There is a big auditorium hall at my school. There is also basketball and badminton court, cricket pitch, etc.

The discipline, the study atmosphere and the brilliant academic result of our school attract many meritorious students from distant parts of our state. My school is an ideal school in all respects. I am proud of my school. My school is a big building situated in the heart of the city. It is spread around in 2 acres of land. It has spacious playground, a football court and a basketball court. The first, second and third floor all consist of classrooms, laboratories, art room and music room.

The school has spacious bathrooms and water coolers with a RO. The classes are spacious and ventilated. The teachers are highly educated and cooperative with the students. The Computer Lab is equipped with high-tech computers. The school has foreign exchange program where students are sent abroad to study for a year.

My school essay in simple english school has amazing extracurricular facilities, from art class to debate club; our school has everything. Our Principal is an exceptional lady.

Essay on my school in english

The school employs about teachers including lab assistants. Our school has a large canteen. There is a roomy library my school essay in english the ground floor. It has more than books. It has all the books; from the classics to the modern romances, the science related books to the historical books. The school has bus service with over 10 buses. My school is equipped with everything a child could ever need.

The student-teacher bond is talked about. My school is filled with diversity and I love it. My school name is St Xavier Public School, it is situated on the confluence of two rivers. It essay on my school in english spread across half acre land, which comprises a school building, campus and a big ground. My school is semi English school and the main language is English.

Our school always deliver the best results. One of our students, Samsun is district topper and state topper in Mathematics. All credit dbq essay graphic organizer to our teachers, administrative staff, and principal sir.

We bagged this award because of our smart, hardworking principal sir. Last week, Principal sir updated that from this semester all of science and math classes will be taught on the computerised system.

The school has bought software and projectors too. Parents welcome this concept. They are delighted to know that their children getting a quality education. Our school also helps other schools in surrounding villages. They conduct guest lectures and invite those students to our school too. We also arrange the annual Science Exhibition, Essay and Speech competition. Our school believes in the collective success and that makes me proud of my school.

It is situated at Bhavnagar in Gujarat. My school is well known in the whole state. It is 4 storied, yellow coloured building. My school has 40 ventilated rooms and 10 halls, also it has 1 large assembly hall. The school has 2 large computer labs and 4 science experiment laboratories.

He is a very generous person. Except for the principal sir, there are 50 teachers in my school. There are 20 male and 30 female teachers. They are all well trained. They are all cooperative and cultured. We learn how to integrate into studies in our classroom? Our school organizes annual sports competition, question-answer competition, dance competition, in which it is very necessary for us to take part.

School is a temple of knowledge and here we are ready for social and business life. With my school essay in english donation money and land, my school was built in The atmosphere of my school is very pleasant and its environment is very clean and attractive.

My school is in the middle of the playground. There is a large garden on one side of the school which has a small pond. There is a essay on my school in english of fish and water in this lake. My school is of four malls where there is a classroom for nursery to students up to In my school there is a large library, Principal's office, head office, clerk office, a science laboratory, a computer lab, a community study room, a large meeting room, a teacher's community room, a large playground, boys and girls in school premises.

For different hostels etc. My school has a highly accomplished and experienced teacher who teaches us in a very effective and constructive way. There are about one thousand children in my school which always tops in school and outside of the school competition.

We all go to the proper uniform in school. We have two types of uniforms, one collective and second house uniform.

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My school runs from in the essay on my school in english to in the afternoon and runs in the winter from in the morning to p. We go to the library for a short period of time, where we read creative texts and newspapers and enhance our skills and common sense. My school is just Two kilometer away from my house.

It looks very clean and peaceful. My school is like a temple where we go to pray every day and read for six hours in a day. Our school teacher is very good my school essay in simple english teaches us very politely. In my school there is a lot of strict rules regarding education, uniform and cleanliness. I like to go to school every day because my mother tells me that it is very important to go to school every day and follow all the disciplines.

School is a temple of knowledge where we are involved in the process of learning very interestingly. We learn more things along with studies like discipline, conduct, timing and etiquette etc.

The atmosphere of my school is very good, where there is a lot of sunshine and greenery available. There is a large garden which has a pond with colorful flowers, ornamental trees, green grass, which has fish, frogs etc. Other things like big playgrounds, the big open space provides a natural beauty my school essay in simple english my school. My school follows the rules of CBSE board. My school offers a facility from nursery to class The headmaster of my school is quite serious about discipline and cleanliness in school.

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