Dissertation on consumer behavior

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A vast majority of secondary data will be collected from previous research and empirical studies on what has already been written or observed in relation to music and consumers.

Secondary data will also be gathered from market report sites such as Keynote and Mintel that may have reports on music and retail. Primary data however will be gathered using quantitative surveys in Clarks stores asking customers questions on their purchasing behaviour and the extent to which music affects it.

Questionnaires will be designed based on theories already depicted in the literature review, using a deductive approach. These questionnaires will be handed out to customers in the store where they will be briefed on the purpose of the research and asked for their help in filling out each individual question.

The questionnaires will then be collected after each customer is done. Customers that failed to answer required questions will be omitted from the data analysis for the fear of incorrect or partial data.

The study will be conducted on approximately 50 customers of Clarks store. Data will be collected through questionnaires distributed to customers within the store. Saunders et. The goal of an explanatory study is to study the causal relationships between variables being measured during quantitative or qualitative studies Saunders et.

Explanatory studies aid in the identification of relationships contained within the data. The most common method used to conduct dissertation on consumer behavior explanatory study is that of variable correlation.

Particular variables are analysed and correlated in order to find similarities between responses. This process is undertaken in order to provide any area of generalisability of the phenomena observed. The focus of this research is to find the affects of background music on the volume of consumer purchasing.

The explanatory method used in this research will be explained further in the analysis section of this dissertation. Two methods are commonly used when conducting research, quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative methods of research present data in a numerical fashion, whilst qualitative research methods focus on providing words.

Due to the fact that this research study will utilise questionnaires, a multi-method approach to data collection will be used. A multi-method approach refers to the use and combination of more than one data collection method used during research analysis Tashakkori and Teddlie, It has been suggested that a multi-method approach to data collection allows the researcher to better answer research questions.

This research study will utilise both questionnaires and secondary data in the collection and analysis of information gathered in order to answer the research question raised during the literature review.

The dual approach will be used due to the fact that it is a more efficient way to analyse a different range of facts from different respondents Easterby-Smith, The multi-method approach to research is becoming increasingly popular in management studies where a combination of primary and secondary data may be used Saunders et. Tashakkori and Teddlie suggest that the multi-method approach is useful in helping researchers to answer questions.

This approach is also said to allow for more efficient evaluations, which allows dissertation on consumer behaviour findings to be more trusted. The ability to gather primary data during this study was dependent on gaining access to an appropriate source within the organization. The level to which this source is appropriate relies on the research question, related objectives and research designs Saunders et al, Therefore, the researcher, being close friends with an employee, was in a favorable position to get access within the organization.

The access was granted by the researcher going through a chain of command, first from the branch manager, to the head of marketing and finally to the head of market research. Easterby-Smith suggests that the best way to gain access into an organization is through known contacts. The majority of these factors apply to this research study; therefore the researcher has chosen to use a sample from the population in question. A sample size of 50 customers has been chosen what is a home essay questioning.

Oppenheim describes a non-probability sample as a sample in which the probability of each case being selected from the total population is unknown.

It is also suggested that in a non-probability sample it is impossible to answer research questions or to address objectives that require statistical inferences about the characteristics of the population.

Therefore a non-probability sample would be the best use when describing the research undertaken for this dissertation. The main reason for the choice to use a non-probability sample lies in the fact that Clarks store are located throughout the world and therefore it would be nearly impossible to use the entire sample population for this study.

In this way, the researcher can focus on a few locations and distribute questionnaires to a variety of different customers. It is also for these reasons that the researcher has chosen to employ the non-probability sampling method.

Saunders et al states that though the non-probability sample may still be used to generalise some assumptions, these would not be based on statistical grounds. However, it could still be used to answer other forms of research questions that deal dissertation on consumer buying behaviour the attributes and behaviour of the respondents. Though it may still be argued that customers who entered the store may be representative of customers in that city or region, the different demographical characteristics of different regions makes it fairly impossible for this study to conclude on the assumption of a probability sample.

It is suggested that both primary and secondary data can be analysed using quantitative means.

Dissertation report on consumer behaviour

The fact that the researcher has chosen to collect his own data allows for more control over the structure of the sample and the data obtained. This method will also afford the researcher more confidence in gathering information pertinent to answering the research question. This questionnaire method is described by Saunders et. Respondents will receive the questionnaire whilst engaging in the retail experience and will be given able time in which to complete the questionnaire.

The questionnaires will then be collected and analysed for any errors. Customers will then be asked follow-on questions if the need arises.

Prior to the distribution of the questionnaires, guidance was sought regarding the development of the questionnaire and which questions should be included. A pilot questionnaire was also tested on a sample of 7 individuals and subsequently revised based on feedback.

Saunders et al suggests that the validity and reliability of data collected in the course of a research study, depends on to a large extent on the design of the questions, structure of the questionnaire and the rigour of pilot testing. This study was therefore designed on the premise that an authentic questionnaire could only be achieved by appropriately designing a questionnaire to tackle all the research questions using the right quantitative methods.

The questionnaire was divided into different cross sections depending on the level of analysis inherent and the type of information sought. Questionnaires will be used in order to obtain valuable information from customers. The questionnaires will follow a standard structure and help will be given to any customers needing assistance with the questions.

Questions will also be asked in regards to waiting times and how the process could be enhanced. The questionnaire will also contain questions centred on atmospherics and background music. After the initial question phase, questionnaires will be gathered and collated. The excel tool will be used to aid in the process of collating data.

The SPSS tool will then be used to analyse the information contained in the questionnaires. Raw data in and of itself if useless, therefore it is necessary to employ data analysis tools in order to provide meaningful information. This section describes how the researcher analysed the data collected and the tools that were used to aid in the analysis process.

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Consumer decision making behaviour - Essay Example

Maribel suarez, in searching for cheap custom essay in sales of creating consumer behavior behind luxury brands and support. Read book if you need new sportswear, dissertation topic. An important part of the degree is a consumer-based market research project. You will work in groups alongside a real-life commercial or public sector client to develop a research proposal to address their business challenges.

You will also work on a large-scale individual project conducting applied research. Recent dissertations have discussed consumer behaviour and marketing in relation to brands, globalisation, sport, viral advertising, gender, binge drinking, computer games, cosmetics, fashion, product placement, technology and food. Not only are all the purchased items listed, together with their prices, but so is the date and exact time of purchase and the method of payment used.

This form of market segmentation is based on knowledge of the benefits that consumers seek from that particular product. The dissertation on consumer buying behaviour of the marketer is to include the appropriate characteristics- or the impression of them - in the design of particular goods or services. In a sense this kind of segmentation is at the entire marketing concept - find out what people want and provide it for them.

Dissertation on consumer buying behaviour

Segmentation is very important for a firm online essay bank an industry to market its products strategically and for it to be a success. In the case of organic fuits and vegetables, it comes under the category of food which is a basic necessity and therefore would appeal to and include a lot dissertation report on consumer behaviour segments in the markets.

In this research study we are considering only the United Kingdom and India. So geographically these two countries are covered. Demographically the middle aged and the older people will be targeted age wise, both sexes, and the middle class and upper class levels will be targeted according to the socio economic status segmentation. Since the middle aged and older people usually are the ones who go shopping for fruits and vegetables, they are targeted age wise, both men and women shop for it, and when it comes to socio economic status, dissertation on consumer buying behaviour middle and the upper income groups are targeted as organic fruits and vegetables are more expensive than conventional fruits and vegetables.

Many shoppers especially in Dissertation on consumer behaviour will give up the idea of buying food when it comes to the price factor that is not acceptable for them. That is the reason why the middle and upper income groups are aimed at here. Most people both in India and United Kingdom consume fruits and vegetables everyday. In India, no meal is complete without fruits or vegetables and in the United Kingdom, people are encouraged to consume fruits and vegetables everyday with the healthy 5 a day concept though it is already a staple portion of a healthy meal.

These segments are most suitable for being aimed at for marketing of organic fruits and vegetables and therefore they are the target segments. There exist a number of factors which affect the consumer decision making process.

Each of the factors has many sub-factors. The situation in which the consumer receives information about a product or service influences the buying decision of the consumer. For example, in the case of organic fruits and vegetables, an advertisement speaking about the bad impacts of the chemicals used in conventional foods right when the buyer is suffering from food poisoning might influence the consumer to buy food that is healthier and does not involve the usage of chemicals responsible for food poisoning and therefore influence the consumer to go in for purchase of organic fruits and vegetables in future.

The situation involved while a consumer is out to purchase will influence the buying process of the consumer. Situations like when the consumer is very hungry and shopping for food might make the consumer end up purchasing food items that the consumer might have a craving for right then.

Using this knowledge, marketers can communicate how their products create consumer satisfaction in each relevant usage situation. For example, a recent study found that consuming 1. To increase sales, a Cheerios ad depicted the advantages of it. Some consumers consider the case of disposition an important attribute towards the buying decision process.

For example, if there was a rule stating that all the particular products from a household should only be disposed off at a particular point for a locality which is open only for a fixed time in the weekends, or they would be fined heavily, there would be a large decrease in the sales of that product.

Also, social surroundings, temporal perspectives, task definition. The marketer should influence these factors as largely as possible to influence the buyer in a favorable way to appeal to the customers. The obvious point about decisions worth spelling out is that we are constantly making them.

Form the moment we get up in the morning we are faced with deciding what to wear and what to have for breakfast and dissertation report on consumer behaviour make decisions throughout the rest of the day.

Indeed we normally make so many decisions in the course of the day, every day, that only rarely do we realize that in fact we are making a decision.They all hold degrees and we only assign them to projects that belong to their area of study. We only provide true scientific material. Thanks dissertation on consumer behaviour this fact, your paper will be really customized and perfect.

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Dissertation on consumer behaviour

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It is important since it makes you aware of the conducted research and helps you stay focused to find out new angles to look at your own consumer behaviour dissertation. In your consumer behaviour dissertation it is a crucial chapter. In this part you will have to explain how the research of the study will be carried out. You also have to tell about the relevance and significance of choosing dissertation on consumer behavior methods.

How do children respond to advertising? What is the consumer socialization process? Mental problems and customers. The impact of branding. Why do people believe popular brands? What are the ways to create a successful product? Customer satisfaction. With this, positive association between social regard and customer satisfaction are expected. Furthermore, several actions which are closely related to social regard increases customer satisfaction.

According to Gremler and Gwinner an enjoyable interaction and personal connection on satisfaction with the company yield an encouraging outcome. Similarly, Van Dolen et al. On the other hand, recent results from Butcher et al. The interaction with consumers as regards satisfaction has an impact on the business because working on the information increases organizational effectiveness and also performance. With reference to Cisco,they used three types of data for customer satisfaction practice which were.

The survey indicated a broad problem, the detailed interviews showed the problem in detail and the transactional data indicates whether actions have achieved desired outcome. The brainstorming session help to identify the new opportunities.

This has not only lead to customer loyalty but also profitability. Customers attitude reveal the softer code of the business. Much of customers attitude about a brand are based on emotional connection they have formed with the company.

Winkielman and Berridge effects of junk food essay that emotions, even if genuinely unconscious, may drive behaviour and reactions. Consumer use emotion in making good decision and to take effective action. Emotions play a highly motivating role in consumer behaviour. Emotions give us deeper understanding of the experimental aspects of consumption and are associated with the degree of consumer satisfaction by a strongly influential relationship.

Consumers are typically and highly emotional about some brands and products while others are incompletely attached and indifferent about others.

Consumers emotional connections have a specific and fairly simple structure regardless of the nature of the particular emotions involved. Furthermore Oliver suggests that emotion coexist with various thinking judgement which produces satisfaction and is important in understanding consumers consumption experiences. Emotion tends to have an influence on quality perception and customer behaviour Liljander and Strandvik, Positive emotions leads to positive word-of-mouth behaviour,while negative emotions may result to complaining behaviour.

Customers respond to an event in certain ways in order to maintain positive emotion and to avoid negative emotions Stauss and Neuhaus. As student numbers and statistics. A scientific paper, hypotheses are more knowledgeable.

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Marketers need to have a good knowledge of the consumer behaviour. They need to study the various factors that influence the consumer behaviour of their target customers. The knowledge of consumer behaviour enables them to take appropriate marketing decisions in dissertation on consumer buying behaviour of the following factors:. A positive consumer behaviour leads to a purchase decision.

A consumer may take the decision of buying a product on the basis of different buying motives. Go outside your area Read other works on Consumer behaviour dissertation. Analyze the points that differs a good and a bad Consumer behaviour dissertation. Read how and what others have to say about their area of subject. Pay attention to dissertation on consumer buying behaviour, analyses, motivations, applications We did this because … b.

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